Emmerdale’s Kim Tate to kill Belle and Andrea as she helps Jamie take revenge?


Emmerdale’s Kim Tate actress Claire King recently teased a revenge plot was looming, as she makes her return to the village

Emmerdale fans are convinced a death will hit the Dales very soon, following the twist involving Belle Dingle and Jamie Tate.

This week saw the moment Andrea Tate exposed her ex Jamie for his crime, telling Moira Dingle it was him who ran her over and left her for dead in the hit-and-run.

Jamie’s new lover Belle knew the truth, and despite Moira being family she kept the secret and stood by him.

But it was all part of her plan to bring him down, joining forces with nephew Nate Robinson to get revenge.

That plan came to light on Thursday, with her finding the evidence to link him to the crime and calling the police.

He was arrested by the police, but shockingly he was released just hours later.

While suspecting he was out on bail, Moira, Belle and Andrea couldn’t believe he was out so soon.

At the end of the double episode, Andrea was confronted by Jamie who blackmailed her to secure his freedom.

He told her that if she didn’t give him an alibi, he would take her down with him.

But this could be the least of her problems if fans are correct.

Jamie’s villainous mother Kim Tate will soon return to the Dales, and some are predicting she might kill Andrea – and she might kill Belle too.

Kim actress Claire King recently teased she would seek revenge on Andrea when she returned, and now fans think the ladies who crossed Jamie are in danger.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “Kim is gonna go full 90s Tate and I for one cannot f**king wait.”

Another said: “Kim’s coming home to kill the ladies.”

A third added: “Kim’s totally gonna be out for revenge if Jamie does actually end up going down? Not just on Belle, but Andrea too.”

Meanwhile another said: “Guess I’m not going out next week at all in case I miss Kim’s return.”